All-glass balustrades

In the era of dynamic architectural development, all-glass balustrades are becoming more and more popular. Not only as decorative elements, but also as functional and safe solutions in construction. At KMS, we strive to ensure that our products are synonymous with quality.

Implementation Process

At the very beginning, we conduct a detailed analysis of the client’s needs and requirements. Based on this, our team creates a dedicated project.

Measurement by laser scanning using TrimbleĀ® X7 and Leica 3D Disto rangefinder.

Quality control at every stage of production is our priority. Thanks to this, we can be sure that each balustrade will meet the highest expectations.

Professional installation is crucial to guarantee the long life and safety of the balustrade. That’s why our assembly team approaches this task with the highest precision.

We also offer a comprehensive maintenance package, which includes both regular inspections and servicing of any faults.